Why do you need to optimize your site?
You have just had a website designed and you are excited and proud of what you have done. You sit back and wait for the people to flood your website and business to sore. Just like your bricks and mortar business you are 1 of 1 Billion on websites on the Internet. How are people going to find you or even hear of you? This is where SEO comes into the mix to help you generate traffic to your website and make you more visible to your potential customers. Through managing careful design elements, key word phrases we are able to help you bring your site into the awareness of your customers more frequently.

Without the correct optimization of your site it will be like trying to find a needle in haystack and your website and business will never be heard of or seen on the Web.

SEO puts more consumers’ eyes across your business and allows for a broad awareness and marketing of your business. If you are currently searching the Internet you would predominantly use Google as the place where you go to access your information. Ask yourself this? Do you search further than the 4th page of results? The answer is no. This is why SEO is so important because just like you would not search past those pages when you are looking for something, so do your customers. SEO helps to rank your site higher and get you into the minds of customers.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

The most obvious benefit of SEO is not only its ability to generate increased traffic flow directly to your website but also the qualification and refinement of new potential customers. As in the off-line world of commerce and industry, one doesn’t simply set up shop and hope that passers-by will find you, maximum exposure of your products and / or services should be amongst your first prerequisites.

Securing a high-ranking on Google however is not permanent and needs to be constantly maintained or your investment is wasted. Right now your competitors are ranking for key-word phrases that apply to your company’s products and / or services and only by maintaining your prime position through constant vigilance and innovation through your Search Engine Optimization efforts

Remember, search engine organisations need help in identifying your website content and that’s what SEO is all about – setting up your pages to make relevant data clear to the engine concerned.